Rapido GWR Dias. O11 & O15 open wagons

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A step change in GWR open wagon design occurred in 1902 when a fifth plank was added to its four-plank design. The fiveplank became the GWR’s standard wagon design and, essentially, variations on the post-1904 version with a 3ft 3in deep and 8ft body continued to be built well into the 1940s.

Rapido thought thought they ought to offer some of its five-plank cousins too: the Diagram O11 and the Dia. 015.

Both were introduced in 1911 and are virtually identical: they have a 10t carrying capacity and use a 16ft underframe with GWR self-contained buffers. However, the Dia. 11 was unfitted whereas the Dia. 15 had vacuum brakes.

The GWR built 10,815 Dia. O11s between 1911-1919 and 2,105 Dia. O15s up to 1922. It’s not known exactly when the last of these wagons were withdrawn as they slowly disappeared over the years but they last well into BR days. Several Dia. O11s survive.

Rapidos GWR Dia. O11 & Dia O15 open wagons boast an impressive spec:
• Two types of floor planking
• Metal bearings for smooth running
• NEM coupling pockets
• UK designed
• Fine detailed plastic bodies/chassis with metal parts
• Comes supplies with parts to fit Williams patent sheet supporter

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