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Rapido Trains UK has added one of the LNER’s smallest steam locomotive to its range – the Worsdell ‘Y7’ 0-4-0T

“Of all the LNER locomotives we could have added to our range, we have gone for one of the smallest. Well, we do like to do things differently here!”

The North Eastern Railway’s ‘H’ 0-4-0Ts were built to Thomas Worsdell’s design, to replace elderly Manning Wardle locomotives on the NER’s docks. They were the perfect dockyard locomotive: powerful, rugged and simple.

Prototype Factfile

Built: 1888-1923 (24 built)

How long did they last?
BR inherited two ‘Y7s’. No. 68089 was withdrawn in 1951 and No. 68088 followed in 1952.

Where did they work?
From Leith in Scotland down to Stratford and Neasden. They spread their wings even further during the Second World War.

Can I see one?
No. 1310 is at the Middleton Railway and No. 985 is at the Mid-Suffolk Railway.

Here’s the specification of Rapido Trains UK ‘OO’ gauge model:
• Designed in the UK using original works drawings and a wealth of photographic material
• Factory-fitted speaker
• Quality mechanism
• Next18 decoder socket
• NEM coupler pockets
• Sprung buffers
• Key detail changes between individual locomotives

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