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It’s January 2013 and a humble 0-4-4T that spent a good proportion of its life hauling permanent way trains became Britain’s most famous locomotive. That locomotive was Metropolitan Railway No. 1 and it was celebrating the 150 anniversary of the world’s first underground railway – the Metropolitan – by taking to tunnels under London that hadn’t played host to steam since 1971.

‘Met 1’ worked the opening train on the Uxbridge branch on July 4 1904. As London Transport No. L44, it worked the 50th anniversary train in 1954. It would work LT’s last steam-hauled passenger train in 1961 before taking a starring role in the Metropolitan Centenary Parade at Neasden on May 23 1963.

Prototype Factfile
Built: 1896-1901 (Seven built)
How long did they last? The last Met ‘E’ 0-4-4T was withdrawn in 1963.
Where did they work? Throughout the Metropolitan network.
Can I see one? ‘Met No. 1’ is undergoing an overhaul at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.

Here’s the specification of Rapidos ‘OO’ gauge model:
• Designed from original works drawings and a wealth of photographic material
• Sound-fitted versions available
• Quality mechanism
• Next18 decoder socket
• NEM coupler pockets
• Sprung buffers
• Key detail changes between individual locomotives

Since the announcement of Rapidos Metropolitan E Class locomotives, they have been inundated with requests to produce some suitable rolling stock.
Some research discovered that the Met had several 5 plank open wagons which are very close to Rapidos private owner wagon tooling. These vehicles had a long life and were subsequently repainted into different liveries.

Rapido Trains UK is pleased to offer two new wagons as additions to their Private Owner collection. Enwins have placed the wagons in the same section of our website as the locomotives to make it easier to order them together.

SKU 967022 – MET No.554 in grey livery with single sided brakes.
SKU 967023 – London Transport No.A945 in grey livery with double sided brakes.
These wagons are the perfect accompaniment to the Met E class locos alongside the already announced Alfred Pratt and John J Tims private owners which were both marked for returning to the Met Railway.

Standard RRP of £32.95 applies to these wagons, but we will sell them at £28.99 each, but place your orders quickly. Closing date for the wagons is 14th August.

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