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Rapido produced a Wisbech & Upwell locomotive – the ‘J70’ 0-6-0T for Model Rail magazine – and now they have produced Wisbech & Upwell coaches.

When Model Rail commissioned the ‘J70’, it opted for LNER and BR liveries. In the days of the Great Eastern Railway, these tram locomotives (they were classified ‘C53’then) and coaches wore matching liveries, creating a rather quaint little rural train. Before 1919, the locomotives were painted coach brown with ultramarine blue frames and they hauled coach brown tramcars.

After 1919, the locomotive livery changed to crimson and grey with the tramcars also being crimson.Our friends at Model Rail have generously given us permission to produce a limited run of GER-liveried ‘C53s’ to complement our GER-liveried W&U coaches… and they will be available in two special trainpacks. Now, strictly speaking, the ‘C53s’ were goods engines but it’s highly likely that they would have been pressed into passenger service on the W&U when required.

Each train pack features anappropriately numbered and liveried ‘C53’ alongside tram coaches No.7 and 8 in appropriate livery and physical condition for the time period.

Our batch of ‘C53s’ feature all the same high-quality details as Model Rail’s ‘J70s’ but have an upgraded circuit board and Next18 decoder socket.
There are also a DCC sound-fitted pack available, featuring an exclusive sound project supplied by Digitrains.

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