Rappido LNER Dynamometer Car N Gauge

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Rapido Trains UK’s stunning LNER Dynamometer Car is now being scaled down to ‘N’ gauge!

Rapido Trains UK unveils its first ‘N’ gauge coach and what better subject is there than the LNER Dynamometer Car?

Nearly all the of the hallmarks of the critically acclaimed ‘OO’ gauge model have been included. It features a detailed interior – with lights – while, externally, the body is adorned with many fine, separately fitted parts.

Look underneath and you’ll see that all the details and parts associated with the ‘recording wheel’ have been included. NEM coupler pockets are mounted on springs to help the model negotiate 263.5mm radius curves.

Prototype Factfile

Built: 1906

How long did it last?
It was withdrawn in 1954 and preserved as part of the National Collection.

Where did it work?
Heavily rebuilt by the LNER in 1928, the Dynamometer Car recorded the LNER’s high speed trials of the 1930s which culminated in Mallard’s record run in July 1938. Tasks for BR included trials with Bulleid’s infamous ‘Leader’.

Can I see it?
Yes. It’s displayed with Mallard in the NRM’s Great Hall.

Rapido Trains UK ‘N’ gauge model boasts many features:
• Designed using original works drawings
• Highly detailed interior detail, including the testing equipment
• Highly detailed underframe, including the test wheel
• Interior lighting
• Complex printing techniques to produce teak finish

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