We Are Enwins 3D Models

Who are we?

Brian and Neil Winnington bring a lot of experience to the business. Brian a railway modeller for 50 years, Neil specialist motor industry and as a television series producer.

What do we do?

We design 3d printed products, from our ickle drone to our OO scale locomotive bodies. In all cases the aim is simple. To give you something you can’t buy off the shelf somewhere else that is easy to put together and personalise. You don’t need experience or special skills, just time and a desire to have something different.

We also offer baseboards and other lineside products to help you with your hobby. Our Four Be One even comes with track laid and fully wired, a controller and ready to run.

The Four Be One… “What’s that all about? You can see videos and buy books on building layouts”

In short not everyone feels confident about building a layout. They might not have time or space. They might not feel confident about wiring, soldering. So here all the construction is done for you and you still have lots of room to add your own details and develop your skills.

Perfect for the new modeller, the retired modeller in a small flat or the parent wanting something more than a basic train set.

Feel free to contact us with questions