Rapido Hunslet 16in 0-6-0ST

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The 16in 0-6-0ST was the largest of a range of ‘standard’ locomotives offered by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds. Customers could buy similar looking locomotives with 12, 14 and 15in diameter cylinders. They were designed for industry where owners were looking for a locomotive that was economical, simple to operate and easy to maintain. Customers could choose extra embellishments.

Prototype Factfile
Built: 1923-1958 (44 built)
How long did they last? Hunslet 16in 0-6-0STs were still in revenue-earning service well into the 1970s.
Where did they work? Mines, collieries and quarries throughout Yorkshire and the Midlands although one worked in a power station in Wales. Five were built for export.
Can I see one? There are at least nine left in Britain.

Here’s the specification of the Rapido ‘OO’ gauge model:
• Designed from original works drawings and field visits to a number of 16in Hunslets.
• Die-cast construction
• Quality mechanism
• Next18 decoder socket
• NEM coupler pockets
• Sprung buffers
• Key detail changes between individual locomotives

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